We are a third generation family owned and operated monument business that has been serving our customers and the community since our grandfather, John McGovern, Sr. and grandmother, Mabel McGovern, opened the business in 1924. Our father John McGovern, Jr. continued our grandparent’s vision and in 1986, John McGovern III, Linda McGovern and Maura McGovern joined the business to extend the family tradition. Our family’s excellent reputation, compassionate nature, and deep commitment to our family legacy help us to provide the very best service to our customers. Our decades of experience enable us to assist you and your family in this very personal decision. Our family works together to provide you the finest quality monument at a reasonable cost, just as our father and grandparents did before us.


Our mission is to provide your family with the finest monuments, bronze memorials, and cemetery lettering to existing memorials. Our services include porcelain pictures, custom portrait etchings, custom scene and religious etchings, specialized carving design, and monument cleaning.

Our products include a wide variety of colors and shapes in the following sizes:

• Four Grave Two-Piece Monuments

• Double Grave Two-Piece Monuments

• Single Grave Two-Piece Monuments

• Monolith Monuments

• Slant Face Markers

• Grass Markers

• Baby Monuments and Baby Markers

Need to add a second name to an existing monument? We are pleased to provide monument lettering to your existing monument. Using our “in cemetery” sandblasting technique, the second name is inscribed without the need to remove the monument from the cemetery.

We are happy to prepare civic memorials as well for our surrounding neighboring communities.


We serve all of the surrounding cemeteries including Holy Cross Cemetery, Holy Name Cemetery, Hillside Cemetery, Arlington Cemetery, Gate of Heaven Cemetery, Crest Haven Cemetery, East Ridgelawn Cemetery, Madonna Cemetery, St. Joseph’s Cemetery, George Washington Memorial Park and Glendale Cemetery. We serve all faiths and religious affiliations.

All Images and Logos are Copyrights of McGovern Monuments, Inc.